Hey there. I’m Rob, a South Wales-based professional freelance journalist who runs the copywriting, editorial consultancy and web design service Magic Words.

Because the words I write are, er, magic. See?

In corporate-speak, I’m a one-man conceptualisation, design and copywriting machine – offering holistic, bespoke solutions few of my peers can provide.

In plain speak, I can write a bit.

My rates are surprisingly low but my output slick, speedy, professional and – most importantly – inspired!

Visit my writing and web design portfolios for a closer look at the kind of stuff I get up to.

Areas of expertise

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…and pretty much anything else you can think of that involves those word-y things. Mistaik free, naturally.

A professional wordsmith with over a decade of experience under my Calvin Klein belt, I can help:


Whether you’re starting off on your lonesome or an established brand, I’m a whiz at helping you convey your message.

– Stuck when it comes to sales letters or newsletters?

– Need a leg-up breaking into blogging?

– Desperate for slick, informative, SEO-friendly web copy or attention-grabbing Tweets?

– Need a brochure or article penning but don’t have the time?

– Need some super slick subbing?

– Want to dazzle customers with a catchy advert but lack inspiration?

– B2B? B2C? WTF? I’m your man.


You’ve got the slick art skills, but if you’re struggling to deliver compelling wordage to your clients I can give your projects the edge they need to sparkle. We could be perfect for one other, just like the old days.


I know all about the hardships of putting together a shiny CV, or a cover letter that’ll blow a potential employer away – and I can help! If you’re after something more personal or quirky like a complaint or a thank you letter I can do that too… my raison d’être is rocking with words.

So if you’ve a project or idea in mind – big or small – and wish a ballpark quote (which always includes at least one set of amendments) or to arrange a meet:

– Call on +44(0)7973 743483

Email me

Skype me

– Add me on LinkedIn

Looking forward to hearing from you,