Magic Words is – unless circumstances demand – principally a one-man operation, but unless you’re compiling an encyclopaedia(!) there’s no job too daunting. There’s also no red tape to wade through, no secretaries putting you on hold, no feeling you’re not the No. 1 priority…

I’m your single, always-available point of contact. I marry technical expertise and vast experience with creativity, enthusiasm and passion.

Will Shakespeare

Unlike the immortal bard, I make words easy to understand…

Still not convinced why you should hire me yet?

Ouch, you’re a tough crowd.

Here are a bunch more reasons…

– I’m really hot at writing engaging, original copy of any kind, be it serious or funny, corporate or funky or… well, anything in between.

– I can edit, sub and enhance existing wordage. Had a crack at something yourself but feel it lacks pizazz? No problemo – let me go to work.

– My geeky side digs analysing websites & optimising content for maximum keyword ker-ching/marketing leverage/SEO penetration. That means more hits/props/cash for you.

– I’m patient, friendly, trustworthy and organised. These qualities matter in any aspect of life, but they’re particularly handy when it comes to copywriting!

– I’ve a decade of editorial project management experience, I lecture about this kind of stuff at Bath Spa uni and can help conceptualise, build and manage websites, promotional materials & advertising initiatives. Neat, huh?

– I’m a mad Tweeter. I’ll help you engage with social media and pimp your product/business via a range of social media – from Twitter to Pinterest, Facebook to LinkedIn.

– As an agency I can liaise with external publishers, PRs, art directors & designers for less wonga than you’d pay direct.

– For larger scale gigs I can even mobilise my personal network of publishing/editorial/art talent. It pays to have pals.

…and more!

For smaller projects if you’re based anywhere between Cardiff and Bristol I’m more than happy to come meet with you in person. For larger gigs, travel isn’t necessarily an issue. Skype’s usually the easiest solution, though.

Let’s do business together – it could be fun.